Panda Express Brings Cheesecake Cream Tea To SoCal

Panda Express Brings Cheesecake Cream Tea To SoCal

Cheese Tea has been popular in China & Taiwan for a while, but is just now starting to pick up steam (pun intended) here in The States.  Cheese tea is iced tea topped with a foam made out of cream cheese or other dairy products.  Now, Panda Express is bringing their own version to SoCal.

Made with cream cheese, half-and-half, sugar and a little salt, Panda Express' version of Cheese Tea is called Cheesecake Cream Tea.  If you wanna try it, you'll have to make the drive to Pasadena because it's only available at the Panda Express Innovation Kitchen.  And do it soon because their Cheesecake Cream Tea is only available through August 27th.

The Panda Express Innovation Kitchen is located at 3867 E. Foothill Blvd. in the Hastings Ranch Plaza off the 210 freeway in Pasadena.  To see what the Cheesecake Cream Tea looks like, keep scrolling down to see the O.C. Register's Twitter post photo... 


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