This Job Sends You Around The World To Drink Gin!

This Job Sends You Around The World To Drink Gin!

Ever dreamed of travelling around the globe, having adventures along the way and being paid to do it? Well these dreams could now become a reality.  In celebration of the launch of the new London bar, Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration, they & Bombay Sapphire are sending one successful candidate and their friend will be sent Around the World in 80 Days, following a route inspired by Jules Verne’s fictional explorer, Phileas Fogg.

The 80-day adventure will take you & a friend to destinations like Hong Kong, Paris, New York City, San Francisco, Bombay and beyond, on a journey similar to the one in "Around the World in 80 Days."  You'll be responsible for documenting your travels, sampling gin & collecting botanicals & ingredients to help create a new cocktail that will be a part of the new bar's menu.  The deadline to apply for this exciting job is August 27th.  Keep scrolling down to find out where to apply.  But first, make sure you fit the criteria...

1. Formidable, brave and a lover of the unknown

2. Experienced in the art of adventure

3. Well-versed in the medium of ‘social media’

4. Prominent on various of these platforms of ‘social media’

5. Able to take a well-lit and well-assembled photograph

6. Have an acquaintance or ally, whom is also well-equipped in the art of photography and this ‘selfie’ taking

7. Have read my memoirs, which were kindly documented by Jules Verne

8. Have frequented my humble Residence, Gin Parlour, Tavern and House of Botanicals

9. At least twenty one years of living

10. Talented in the art of written expression, just like my dear friend Verne

11. Unoccupied and ready to accomplish this adventure between the dates of August 2018 and November 2018

12. Not afraid to get one’s hands dirty

13. Willing to clothe oneself in Victorian finery

If you think you meet all of the above requirements, APPLY HERE.  Watch the video below...


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