8 Places To Avoid The Crowds At Disneyland Resort

8 Places To Avoid The Crowds At Disneyland Resort

After waiting hours in the hot sun for rides and food, you probably need a rest.  But the Disneyland Resort is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world – so where do you go to avoid the crowds?  The Orange County Register reminds us that there are a few secret spots where you can relax...

(1) Main Street Cinema plays old Mickey Mouse films (It's air-conditioned!).

(2) The Marine Observation Room next to the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage (where you can watch of video of what the people who get on the ride see underwater...and it's air-conditioned!).

(3) The front porch on Main Street U.S.A.

(4) The water side of the gazebo under the Silly Symphony Swings at California Adventure (it has shaded benches that are often empty.)

(5) The Grand Californian Hotel shares a gate with California Adventure (it's a quick walk to big, comfortable chairs in the shade.)

(6) The dock for Disney's old Gummy Bear-themed motor boat ride is now a shaded resting place.

(7) Snow White Grotto on the east side of the castle, has a wishing well & offers plenty of shade.

(8) The lightly-traveled path between Frontierland & Fantasy Land has benches & shade.

The O.C. Register also taunts us by reminding us that there's also a secret place where we can't go & that's Walt Disney's apartment above the firehouse on Main Street in Disneyland.  But not to worry, Diane Disney gives us a tour of the apartment & tells us all about it in the video below...


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