Disneyland Secrets: 3 Places The Public Can't Go

Disneyland Secrets: 3 Places The Public Can't Go

Though millions of people visit Disneyland, only a few know about 3 secret locations inside the park. CNN Money's Cristina Alesci goes inside the most sacred spaces in the "Happiest Place on Earth," all with special ties to Walt Disney himself.  They are...

(1) The Disney Dream Suite.  Located above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, this luxurious 2-bedroom apartment was designed to be a special place for Walt Disney & his family inside Disneyland. Sadly, Walt died before the Dream Suite could be completed.  But luckily, the detailed renderings of his wishes for the suite were able to be interpreted so that it was designed to complete his vision.

(2) The Lilly Belle Train Car.  Named after Walt's wife Lillian, the Lilly Belle was designed to carry V.I.P.s around Disneyland.  The Lilly Belle is like a museum on wheels, so access to it is very limited in order to preserve its condition.

(3) Walt Disney's Apartment Above Main Street U.S.A.  Located above the Disneyland Fire Department, this apartment was Walt's home away from home where he could oversee Disneyland's construction while it was being built.

While only a lucky few get to see these sacred spaces, we can all get a tour of them in the video below...


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