Janet Jackson Celebrates Michael's 60th Birthday

Janet Jackson Celebrates Michael's 60th Birthday

Janet Jackson celebrated what would have been her brother Michael's 60th birthday with a sneak peek at her homage to his "Remember The Time" music video.

In a brief teaser, which was obtained by TMZ, Jackson plays a queen testing out dancers to her new single, "Made For Now," similar to how Iman did in MJ's iconic 1992 clip. Jackson teamed up with @BlameItOnKWay to shoot the short film after the pair met at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. After hitting it off, Kwaylon pitched the idea of reimagining the video and releasing it on the King of Pop's birthday. As per TMZ, the group rehearsed with Diamon Batiste as director and filmed the project the next day to Jackson's liking. Scroll on below to watch the teaser and MJ's original video. 

Jackson died in June 2009 after going into cardiac arrest at his residence in Holmby Hills. Paramedics on the scene and staffers at UCLA Medical Center were unable to resuscitate him. While MJ's doctor, Conrad Murray, was ultimately found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, he still doesn't believe that he played a significant role in Michael's homicide.

In our recent interview with Jackson, the comeback queen also remembered the late Aretha Franklin, who died surrounded by her friends and family in mid-August after falling "gravely ill." "I just heard that being here a little while ago. She lived down the street from my family and her kids used to come over to our house to play and we'd go to hers," she recalled to iHeartRadio. "I remember her with the red hair, the shoulder length hair, and her answering the door and this one day, in particular, I don't know why [but] she had on a white midriff and a white skirt and she opened the door and there she was, Ms. Aretha Franklin. It's sad, you know? She's still here with us. Her music will live on forever and what a voice and a great body of work. She inspired so many people and will continue to inspire generations to come."

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