5 Things You Can Do To Cut Down On Those Robocalls

5 Things You Can Do To Cut Down On Those Robocalls

I don't know about you, but those darn robocalls are so freaking annoying, #Ugh!  Where are these people getting my number from anyway?!  If you're ready to take action to cut down on robocalls, Real Simple says that these steps work...

(1) Hang up.  Don't respond, don't press buttons because when you do, it let's them know that your number works & they will prioritize your number.

(2) Contact your carrier.  The FTC suggests contacting your carrier to inquire if they can offer you any services to prevent these calls from getting through to you.  These services may come with a price, though.

(3) Try Nomorobo.  This service can block a number from getting through to you if the number has previously received a high number of complaints.

(4) Don't buy things over the phone.  A business using robocalls is most likely a scam.

(5) Know what the Do Not Call Registry covers.  It only prohibits sales-related calls.  Find the registry here.

More suggestions are in the video below...


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