There's Now A Rideshare That's Like Uber For Kids

There's Now A Rideshare That's Like Uber For Kids

Rideshare companies like Uber & Lyft aren't legally allowed to drive kids around without an adult.  So a group of moms got together to start a new app to help you get your kids driven from point A to point B. The HopSkipDrive app is like Uber, but for kids and it's now available in San Diego.

Whether you're a working parent or not, getting the kids to school, to practice & to social gatherings can be time-consuming & demanding.  Would you let your kid hop in one of these rideshares?  Well it seems that a lot of parents are wanting to use the program for their kids.  In fact, HopSkipDrive says that 1,000 San Diego parents were on the waiting list to use the app.  Kids 6 & up can ride, as well as senior citizens.  Here's how HopSkipDrive works...

-You schedule a ride for your kid(s) in advance (daily, weekly or monthly appointments)

-Your kid(s) gives the driver a secret password upon pickup

-Rides start at $16

-Carpool rides are $7

-You can track the ride live

-You're alerted when your kid(s) is/are dropped off

Naturally, you've got concerns about your child's safety.  HopSkipDrive says that it does extensive background checks on its drivers, which it calls its "CareDrivers."  The drivers are also fingerprinted & their DMV records are checked.

HopSkipDrive 1st launched in Los Angeles in 2014, then Orange County, Denver & now San Diego.  For more in, check out the video below & see their website.


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