Japan Trying to Build An Elevator To Space (Video)

Japan Trying to Build An Elevator To Space (Video)

Forget a stairway to heaven, Japan is trying to build an elevator to space!  This month, Shizuoka University will begin testing for a “space elevator” that would connect earth and a space station by cable. 

The first test will include a rocket launch from the Japan's Tanegashima Island.  Once in space, a miniature elevator box will move along a 32-foot cable between two satellites.  This will be the world's first experiment to test elevator movement in space.  Problem is, there currently exists no cable that's strong enough to withstand the forces of gravity and the harsh winds of space.

So what's the end game?  The goal is in the future (maybe by the year 2050), the elevator could be used to transport people and cargo back and forth from Earth to space.  

Would you ride this elevator?  I'm telling you now, I would not.  But take a look at the video below...


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