The Other Side Of Meghan Markle's Family Speaks

The Other Side Of Meghan Markle's Family Speaks

Meghan Markle’s family on her mother’s side shared their history with Inside Edition. They’re known as the Raglands of Georgia

Meghan’s ancestor Steve Ragland was born into slavery in 1848. Meghan’s extended family only learned of their connection to the now-Duchess of Sussex right before Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry. They watched the ceremony with pride, and home some day to welcome Meghan and her prince to Georgia.

We've heard so much negativity from Meghan's dad's side of the family, so it's refreshing to see how classy her mother Doria's side of the family seems to be.  They don't seem to have a relationship with her, so maybe Meghan & Harry will one day accept their invitation to visit them in Georgia.

Watch their Inside Edition interview below...


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