Disneyland Is Removing These For Star Wars Land

Disneyland Is Removing These For Star Wars Land

Everyone's exciting for next year's debut of Star Wars Land!  To make way for Star Wars, Disneyland has been quietly removing certain features from the park.  Those features include fixed seating and planters.  

According to the Orange County Register...Brick planters in front of the Haunted Mansion have been removed.  Also, a large planter in New Orleans Square--between the Disney Vacation Club kiosk & the popcorn cart overlooking the Rivers of America--has also been removed.  These removals are necessary to make room for the onslaught of visitors to Star Wars Land.

But naturally, seating being removed has people concerned about the possible lack of places for them to sit & take a break while at Disneyland.  But Disneyland says not to worry...All of the removed seating will be replaced in other ways. For example, the Bengal BBQ restaurant in Adventureland has expanded from 36 outdoor seats to 100 indoor, air-conditioned seats.  Also, more seating will be available when dining at the Tropical Hideaway opens next to the Jungle Cruise. And finally, a few removable iron benches have been added to restore some seating.

Star Wars Land opens in the summer of 2019.

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