This Man Became Trapped In Cadillac For 14 Hours

This Man Became Trapped In Cadillac For 14 Hours

According to Inside Edition, a 75-year-old Cleveland man endured a terrifying freak accident inside his car without ever leaving his garage.  This is pretty scary because it could happen to any of us if we have modern vehicles with electronic features.

Peter Pyros' nightmare began when he got into his 2006 Cadillac, which he hadn't used for several months.  But when the car wouldn't start, Peter suddenly found himself locked in with the windows up. There are no traditional door handles on his car.  Instead, you open the door by pushing a button.  The car's door mechanisms are electronic on the inside & outside, so the problem arose because of either a dead battery or loose wires.

Pyros tried screaming, then punching & kicking out his windows, but none of it worked.  His situation became more nightmarish when he started having problems breathing in the car and even passed out twice.   His predicament got so dire that he thought that he was going to die & he resorted to writing a note to let family members know what happened.  But finally, after 14 hours of Peter being stuck in the car, a miracle happened...His next-door neighbor stopped by and saw him trapped in the car.  

Cadillac says there is a way to manually unlock doors if the car or key fob lose power...There is a manual door release lever next to each seat.  Pyros didn't learn that car feature until after he was rescued.  Please read your car's owner's manual to know all the safety features in your vehicle so you can avoid life-threatening situations like the one in the video below.  And please share this blog with your loved ones. Better to be safe than sorry.


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