We Finally Know Meghan Markle's Something Blue!

We Finally Know Meghan Markle's Something Blue!

In HBO's new documentary "Queen of the World," Meghan Markle is finally revealing what her "something blue" was during her royal wedding to Prince Harry!  

The Duchess of Sussex opened up about her Givenchy wedding gown and the "something blue" she sewed into the dress for her wedding day.  During a scene in the documentary, Meghan looks at the gown and asks an interviewer, "Somewhere in here, there's a piece...Did you see it?  The piece of blue fabric that's stitched inside?"  The interviewer said that she didn't see it, so Meghan revealed that her "something blue" was... 

"Fabric from the dress that I wore on our first date." 

Of course, she was referring to the very first time she went out with Prince Harry.  What a unique way to incorporate her 1st date with Harry into their wedding...And how romantic!   

"Queen of the World" debuts October 1st on HBO.

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