50 Million Affected By Hacker Breach of Facebook

50 Million Affected By Hacker Breach of Facebook

Last night, Facebook signed me out of my account & I couldn't understand why.  But when I signed into the account again, Facebook took me to a message that explained that they have once again been breached and that they signed me & other users out in an effort to protect us from hackers.  

Facebook says that it discovered a security breach earlier this week that affected almost 50 million accounts. The company said it’s investigating the breach, which allowed hackers to take over a person’s account. 

The vulnerability was found Tuesday and was fixed on Thursday night. It was the result of bugs introduced into Facebook's code in July 2017.  As a result of the breach, attackers could gain access to a user's account — hypothetically giving them the ability not only to view information, but to use the account as though they were the account holder.

So far, Facebook is saying that no passwords or credit card numbers were stolen, but it's always a good idea to change your password to be on the safe side.


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