Rams Fan Throws Vikings Fan Over Bleachers (Video)

Rams Fan Throws Vikings Fan Over Bleachers (Video)

While the Los Angeles Rams and the Minnesota Vikings battled it out on the field on Thursday (9/27) night, fans decided to settle their differences in the stands. Video obtained by TMZSports shows a wild melee between two groups of rival fans that ended with one guy getting tossed down four rows of hard plastic seats.

The brawl broke out just before halftime, when a female Vikings fan got smacked in the face. People began to argue and the fight quickly spiraled out of control. A Rams fan, wearing a Todd Gurley II jersey, started punching another man standing in front of him. That man, after taking a couple shots to the face, grabbed the guy who was punching him and vaulted him down a few rows of seats.

The man in the Gurley jersey did not appear to be injured and quickly got up and started screaming at the guy who tossed him like a rag doll. 

Eventually, security arrived and broke up the fight, ejecting some of the people involved. It is unclear if anybody was arrested for their roles in the brawl. 


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