Girlfriend's 22 Strict Rules List To Her Boyfriend

Girlfriend's 22 Strict Rules List To Her Boyfriend

A woman's list showing the strict rules she has for her boyfriend has has gone viral.  Her list of 22 demands for her boyfriend is pretty extreme. The piece of paper was uncovered when the man traded in his car and accidentally left it inside, although the post did not reveal the location or the name of the couple.

Among her strict rules for him...

*He's banned from being around girls 

*He's banned from following any women on social media 

*She also limited time he could spend with his friends, saying "Your friends will rarley [sic] be allowed over and you are NOT to hang out with your friends more than two times a week." 

*He also wasn't allowed to drink unless she was there.

*He couldn't get mad at her ever again

*And if she said jump, he must reply with "how high princess?"  

Well I can't say that I wouldn't want my boyfriend to jump when I said jump either, lol.  See her full list of rules in the video & Twitter post below...


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