12-Year-Old Pens Beautiful Note To Her Mom Telling Her 'You Are Enough.'

12-Year-Old Pens Beautiful Note To Her Mom Telling Her 'You Are Enough.'

Grab the tissues and send to someone who needs to see this.  In the note, the daughter writes...

Dear Mom,

You are enough.  You don't have to be the perfect mom.  You don't have to be stronger, or softer, or kinder, or craftier, or make more organic meals.  I see you beat yourself up whenever you raise your voice. I see you disappointed when you don't have everything under control.  You don't have to do it all alone. 

I see you calling yourself out of shape and criticizing your body.  But your "muffin top" just shows that you created two children...and that's pretty cool.  I see you saying you're getting old and staring at your wrinkles in the mirror.  And that's true.  Everyone is getting older.  But the older you get, the wiser you are and the more beautiful you become.  Because your marks and lines are memories of your life.  

You think everything you do for us has to be a masterpiece.  But that's not true.  If everything was perfect, nothing would be special.  You think you have to do it all...The cooking, the cleaning, the cuddling, the picking up, the dropping off, the helping with the homework.  And actually, you do have to do it all.  Without you, we wouldn't survive a week.  So give yourself some credit.  Even though you're a mom, it's okay to be human.  You don't have to be perfect.  YOU ARE ENOUGH.  Just as you are.


Your Daughter

Just beautiful!  Watch the GMA video below & share this blog with every mother you know...


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