Can Chewing Gum Kill Your Dog?

Can Chewing Gum Kill Your Dog?

A Tennessee woman is warning others to make sure their dogs do not swallow gum.  Christy Figlio noticed something was wrong with her 3-year-old dog named Canon when he suddenly stopped eating. She told Inside Edition...

He seemed to get more and more lethargic, almost like he was drunk. He got to the point where he collapsed to the ground and he started shaking.

She and her husband took him to the vet where they gave him antibiotics for what they thought was a liver infection.   Sadly, it was something more serious.  Canon kept getting worse.  Doctors had him on life support, so Christy made the heartbreaking decision to put Canon down.

After investigating, the veterinarian concluded that Canon died from Xylitol poisoning.  Xylitol is a type of artificial sweetener, primarily found in sugar-free gum and even a small amount can be toxic for dogs. It's believed that Canon may have gotten into a pack of Mentos suger-free gum before his death.

So with Halloween on the way, Christy warns you to pay attention to what your dog ingests.  A veterinarian tells Inside Edition that within minutes of ingesting Xylitol, dogs' blood sugar can plummet to very dangerous levels, causing them to possibly stagger & have seizures.  And in higher dosing, it could cause acute liver failure.  He warns to keep you Halloween gum & candy put away in a cabinet up high where your dogs can't get to them.

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