Couple Visits 6 Disney Parks On 2 Coasts In 1 Day!

Couple Visits 6 Disney Parks On 2 Coasts In 1 Day!

I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that this Tennessee couple loves them some Disney.  So how did Heather and Clark Ensminger visit 6 Disney parks on 2 coasts In 1 day?

They started at Walt Disney World, hitting 4 of the parks there.  Heather & Clark were armed with a spreadsheet showing what time they need to be at each park.  In Florida, they had breakfast at Disney’s Hollywood Studios before walking over to Epcot.  They then headed to Magic Kingdom and had lunch at Animal Kingdom.

Then they took a direct flight across the country here to SoCal, where they landed in Los Angeles.   From there, they made their way to Anaheim, where they visited Disneyland.  Then they ended their trip with a bang by going to California Adventure

The adventure was all part of their 10th wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary, Heather & Clark, you did it!


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