Student Pilot PERFECTLY Lands Plane On San Diego Highway

Student Pilot PERFECTLY Lands Plane On San Diego Highway

Yesterday, a small plane landed on Interstate 8 in El Cajon (San Diego).  And get this, a student pilot was the one who landed the plane!  The landing was smooth & PERFECT.

It's incredible watching the video below where motorists managed to avoid the plane.  I'd say that the student pilot properly showed his instructor that his landing skills are on point!  Sensing engine trouble, the student was able to turn the freeway into a runway.  The single-engine piper landed without incident and without brushing against a single vehicle.  It's miraculous that no one in the plane or on the highway was injured.  What a blessing.

Only the student pilot & the teacher were aboard the plane.


Turns out, the student didn't land the plane afterall.  The instructor took over and lined up the single-engine plane over westbound lanes of I-8.  He set the aircraft down near Second Street.  Either way, it's still a remarkable story.  Watch the videos below...


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