Lyft Has a New $300 Monthly Subscription Plan - Here's How It Works (Video)

Lyft Has a New $300 Monthly Subscription Plan - Here's How It Works (Video)

Would you pay for a subscription plan to ride Lyft? The San Francisco based ridesharing company is now offering an All-Access Plan for $299 a month for rides through the Lyft platform.  According to Lyft's blog...

All Access is a subscription where passengers pay upfront every 30 days to lock in a set price for their rides. Starting today, passengers can subscribe to the plan. It will be available to everyone in the US by the end of the week.

With an All-Access Plan, you get 30 rides (up to $15 each) when you pay one price of $299 every 30 days. Cancel anytime.

When you spend less time driving (and parking), you have more freedom — and more savings. Americans who use the All-Access Plan for all of their personal car needs can save up to 59%* per month compared to owning a car. 

This is the first step toward delivering on our goal of making car ownership optional, and we’re constantly looking for more ways to provide passengers with the easiest, most convenient options possible.

Click the link below to learn all the details on Lyft's new All Access Plan.



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