5 Ways To Identify Suspicious Packages (Video)

5 Ways To Identify Suspicious Packages (Video)

The shipment of multiple suspected explosive devices to high-profile people this week illustrates how difficult it can be for delivery companies to detect dangerous items before they reach their destination. 

All the packages containing the devices so far have been identified as suspicious, and they've been intercepted by law enforcement authorities before they were delivered to their intended targets

Thankfully, no one has been harmed. Following these tips from the Department of Homeland Security can help you detect suspicious materials sent to you in the mail.  Look for...

(1) Rigid, bulky or lopsided boxes

(2) Missing, nonsensical or unknown return address

(3) Packages with leaks, stains, powders or bulging materials

(4) Generic or incorrect titles on packages

(5) Boxes that are ticking, vibrating or emitting other sounds

According to James McClain of Pinkerton National, "It's best to leave it where you found it (suspicious package) and go to a safe spot and contact local authorities."

Source: USA Today


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