The Bizarre Way The Queen Eats Bananas! (Video)

The Bizarre Way The Queen Eats Bananas! (Video)

Eating a banana like you & I eat bananas might make the Queen of England clutch her pearls. That’s because she apparently eats bananas with a fork and knife. 

Take it from former royal chef Darren McGrady. He dished on the wacky ways the Queen likes to eat. When it comes to eating bananas, Queen Elizabeth II cuts off the top and bottom, slices the skin lengthways and chops the fruit into small pieces and eats them with a fork. 

This may seem bizarre, but the site Etiquette Scholar says she’s on point. McGrady says the Queen eats this way in his book, “Eating Royally,” to avoid “looking like a monkey.” Bananas aside, McGrady adds the Queen has a no starch rule and avoids potatoes, rice or pasta for dinner.


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