Scam Alert: Touch ID Scam Apps Try To Steal Your Money

Scam Alert: Touch ID Scam Apps Try To Steal Your Money

If you still have touch ID on your iPhone to unlock it, you could be a target for a scam.  A handful of scam apps have been using the technology to steal your money.  Apps posing as health assistants prompt users to use touch ID to track their calories or to take their heart rate measurements.  That’s when an in-app purchase pop-up appears, charging anywhere from $90 to $120.  Some of these scam apps even dim your phone screen to make it harder for you to even notice what’s going on.  

Here are some of the scam apps to be aware of…

*Heart Rate Monitor

*Fitness Balance App

*Calories Tracker App

So what is Apple doing to combat this app problem?  They have started to delete some of the apps. Apple CEO Tim Cook said, "We're looking at every app in detail. What is it doing, is it doing what it's saying it's doing, is it meeting the privacy policy that they're stating?  

In the meantime, be vigilant about which apps you download & use.


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