5 Ways To Make Him or Her Miss You

5 Ways To Make Him or Her Miss You

1. Give Them Space.

I think it's completely healthy for couples or single people to spend time alone.  Giving your date or partner space also gives you space to live your own life & create your individual memories.  That way, when you come together, you have exciting stories to share.

2. Leave them wanting more.

When you do spend time with your date or mate, make sure that their time with you is amazing.  Do things for them that make them happy--like giving them a massage or cooking their favorite meal.  So when they think of you, they want more of that kind of loving from you.  They associate you with good experiences.

3. Leave something behind.

Leave something of yours at their home, office or car.  Seeing it or finding it will make them think of you...hopefully good thoughts!

4. Have a signature scent.

My signature scent is J'adore by Dior.  I've been wearing it for years & whenever I wear it, people comment on how amazing I smell.  When you have a signature scent, your date or honey will think of you when they smell it on someone else or when they smell it on a piece of clothing you may have left behind. 

5. Don't always be available.

This is not about playing games, but about making them miss you. Instead of only hanging out with your date or significant other, make time to spend with friends, family or have some alone time.  When you're not always readily available or answering their calls & texts right away, it makes them miss you more and they won't take you for granted.

Of course, I'm not the romance expert.  These are the most popular bits of advice I've read from romance & relationship experts.  Take the advice that resonates the most with you.  Happy loving!


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