Disneyland Just Raised Its Prices Again

Disneyland Just Raised Its Prices Again

New Year, new prices.  Bad news for your wallet...You're gonna have to dig deeper to pay for the family's visits to Disneyland.  According to the LA Times, prices just went up again on Sunday.  Here are the new  price increases...

  • Daily parking WAS $20 and is NOW $25;
  • One-day, one-park ticket for Disneyland or California Adventure park for low-demand days WAS $97 and is NOW $104; 
  • A ticket for regular-demand days WAS $117 and is NOW $129;  
  • The price of a ticket on peak-demand days WAS $135 and is NOW $149;

Annual pass prices are also increasing...

  • The “Southern California Select Pass” WAS $369 and is NOW $399;
  • The “Deluxe Pass” WAS $729 and is NOW $799;
  • The “Premier Pass” WAS $1,579 and is NOW $1,949; 
  • The "MaxPass" WAS $10 and is NOW $15.

Seeing that Disneyland is life to us here in SoCal AND that Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is coming this summer, I don't think these price increases will stop anyone from going to Disneyland.  So were gonna have to dig a little deeper into our wallets & pockets to get our Disneyland fix. 

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