Westfield UTC Will Now Be Charging You To Park

Westfield UTC Will Now Be Charging You To Park

Why start charging for parking now after 41 years?  Westfield says that too many people park at the mall, but don't shop there.  The company says that leaves fewer spots for actual shoppers, so they've got to start charging.

There's also the fact that the new blue line trolley station is coming to UTC.  Westfield anticipates that people may park at their mall before they jump on the trolley--another case of people parking at the mall, but not shopping there. 

According to the new Westfield UTC Secured Parking Plan:

Westfield UTC will be introducing a new secured parking plan designed to ensure that our valued customers have the convenient parking access they deserve.

The plan keeps the first two hours of parking at UTC free of charge, with company research showing that this will accommodate nearly 85% of existing customer visits.

After the initial two hours of free parking, guests will be charged $2 for visits lasting 2-3 hours, $4 for visits lasting 3-4 hours, and $6 for visits lasting 4-5 hours.  The $15 daily maximum will be reached for visits lasting longer than 9 hours.

Patrons of UTC’s Arclight Cinemas, 24-Hour Fitness, and the UTC Ice Sports Center will be able to receive validations for additional hours of free parking, with the first $2-per-hour charge only coming into effect upon expiration of the extended validation.

The new parking rules go into effect January 30th.  UTC has also been rolling out a full suite of convenient new parking options to improve the customer experience for all visitors.  To see those options, visit Westfield UTC's website.

{Note: This blog was originally posted at 12:51pm on 1/9/19 and was updated with more accurate info at 8:01pm on 1/9/19}


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