The Flip Phone Is Reportedly Making A Comeback!

The Flip Phone Is Reportedly Making A Comeback!

The iconic Motorola Razr is back!  But wait...Before you go digging up your old Razr, which has been collecting dust somewhere in your storage, you need to know that that old Razr won't have the technology that the new version will.  So you know exactly what that're gonna have to pay an arm & a leg for the new version.  

According to The Wall Street Journal, he once-popular flip phone — cast aside with the 2007 introduction of Apple’s iPhone — is being reinvented as a smart phone with a foldable screen and a $1,500 price read right, $1,500! Lenovo, in partnership with Verizon, could be set to launch the upgraded Razr as soon as February. 

 You can blame that massive price tag on the expensive components required to build a foldable phone (just ask Samsung, which apparently has its own $1,500 flexible handset slated for a February 20th reveal).


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