Groceries At Walgreens Can Now Watch You!

Groceries At Walgreens Can Now Watch You!

So how will your groceries at Walgreens soon be able to watch you?  Well, Walgreens has reportedly started testing "smart coolers."  These smart coolers will be able to analyze consumers’ faces to determine their approximate age and gender. 

But why would our groceries need to determine our age & gender?  Well knowing that info helps retailers and food companies understand what types of people are purchasing their products.  The info also helps them know which promotions and why.

When I first read about this new technology of food being able to watch me, I thought that it sounded very creepy AND I felt that it would an invasion of my right to privacy & my right to decide what info I want to share about myself.  If you feel like I feel, maybe knowing the following info about the smart coolers will make you feel better about the situation...

In an attempt to ease privacy concerns, you should know that the coolers aren’t designed to recognize or identify a person’s face.  Instead, the system measures faces and makes general predictions based on those measurements.

Check out video of the smart coolers at a Chicago-area Walgreens below...


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