Sequoia National Park Will Soon Have Cell Service

Sequoia National Park Will Soon Have Cell Service

According to the Fresno Bee, Verizon has gotten approval from the National Park Service for a new cell tower. This new tower will improve cellular service in Sequoia National Park here in California.

I'm sure that social media enthusiasts are excited about the potential to now be able to immediately post their inventive poses in front of the iconic Sequoias, but that's not the actual intention of the new cell tower. Instead, the tower will allow for better cellular coverage for park visitors to be able to receive timely information on park conditions.

To fit in with the beautiful nature around it, the new 138-foot cell tower will be disguised as an Evergreen tree. Still, nature enthusiasts are concerned that this improved cellular service will distract from visitor experience.

In either case...Construction on this first cellular tower-ever in Sequoia National Park is expected to begin in 2020.


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