Hackers May Have Seen Your Private Emails On Outlook

Hackers May Have Seen Your Private Emails On Outlook

If you use Microsoft's email platforms like Outlook, MSN or Hotmail...hackers may have seen your personal emails. In fact, you may have received notification from Microsoft over the weekend that your account may have been compromised. But the situation may be even more dire that Microsoft originally revealed...

Originally, Microsoft notified affected users that hackers may have been able to access your email subject lines & email recipients' names. BUT, Microsoft claimed at the time that hackers had not been able to see the content of the emails or attachments. HOWEVER...Now comes word that hackers WERE able to see email content for a large number of accounts. And the troubling part is that Microsoft didn't originally seem willing to reveal that emails themselves were read until someone was able to prove them wrong with screenshots.

So I guess the moral to this story is...If you're uncomfortable with strangers possibly seeing your emails, attachments and the names of people you're emailing...think twice before you hit send.


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