Here's Your First Look At Disney Skyliner!

Here's Your First Look At Disney Skyliner!

Last year we heard details about Disney Skyliner, a new way to move guests across Walt Disney World Resort with a bird’s-eye view. This new gondola system will conveniently connect Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot to four resort hotels- Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, Disney’s Pop Century Resort and Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort as well as the proposed 15th Disney Vacation Club property, Disney’s Riviera Resort.

According to the Disney Parks Blog:

Disney Skyliner will offer guests sweeping views while whisking them between their destinations. Each cabin on the Skyliner can accommodate up to 10 guests, including those traveling with wheelchairs or assistive devices. And with the system constantly in motions, guests will arrive at their selected destinations in minutes while enjoying the comfort of cabins specifically tailored for the Florida climate.

Testing of the nearly 300 gondolas of the Skyliner and other elements is underway. Disney employees will be the 1st to test out the gondolas in August. Word has it that the Skyliner will run 24/7 for many months for safety testing before members of the public are allowed to experience it. But when will you finally be able to hop aboard the Disney Skyliner? Not anytime soon. Look for Disney Skyliner to open ahead of the opening of "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" at the end of this year.

Meanwhile, Disney unveiled the 1st Skyine gondola...It was red, with images of Pluto and Chip 'n Dale. There will be a total of 8 bright colors and 22 Disney characters. We'll be able to seen them all in May. Take a look of the 1st gondola in the Disney video below...


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