San Diego State University Offers A Selena Quintanilla Course!

San Diego State University Offers A Selena Quintanilla Course!

My fellow Texan, the late, great Selena Quintanilla, would've turned 48-years-old this week. In honor of her birth anniversary, San Diego State University announced that it's celebrating her legacy by offering a course on her.

San Diego State University is going to offer a class starting in Spring 2020 all about Selena Quintanilla.

It will be called "Selena and Latin-X Media Representation" and registration for the class starts on November 1st.

The course will explore and deconstruct the socio-cultural mediated representations of intersectional Latin-X identities by analyzing the music, career, and influence of Selena.

It will also focus on Selena's influence on Latin-X media, media personalities, audience reception, and niche marketing.

Nathian Shae Rodriguez, Assistant Professor at the School of Journalism & Media studies at SDSU, announced the news earlier this week in the tweet below...

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