This Is How Our Listener Paid Off $68,000 In Debt!

This Is How Our Listener Paid Off $68,000 In Debt!

I was watching ABC 10 San Diego & was so excited to see our Star 94.1 listener Guen Garrido on the news! I had the pleasure of meeting Guen when I took her breakfast & prizes on my "Breakfast With You From SDCCU" office visit back in February. {Keep scrolling down to see my Instagram posts with Guen during my office visit. Also keep scrolling down to find the link to enter to win an office visit from me.}

Guen sat down with ABC 10 reporter Natay Holmes to give us insight into how she managed to pay off $68,000 in debt in just 3 years. Guen shared that more than half of her debt came from student loans. When her father became ill a few years ago & she wasn't able to help him financially, she decided to do something about her financial situation.

Here's how Guen tackled her debt:

  • She started by listing all of her debt from smallest to largest
  • She made a personal debt spread sheet
  • She proceeded to tackle each item one at a time
  • She also got a 2nd job as an Uber driver
  • She cut down on her expenses, giving herself a $300 bi-weekly budget for food & shopping
  • She used multiple rewards & cash-back apps to save on household items

Guen says that starting with the smallest debt & getting rid of it helps motivate you to keep going. And after 3 years & 3 months, she was debt free! I'm sooooo happy for Guen. She & I follow each other on Instagram and I saw pics of her wedding shortly after I met her. Because of her disciplined budgeting, she & her hubby were able to pay for their wedding debt free. Such great inspiration.

Watch Guen tell her story in the video below...

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