Uber & Lyft Drivers In LA & San Diego Go On Strike

Uber & Lyft Drivers In LA & San Diego Go On Strike

If you're planning on taking an Uber or Lyft today, you may have a super long wait because drivers are going on strike. The drivers are fighting for better wages and more job security. The drivers are asking for a guarantee of better pay and a cap on the commission that Uber & Lyft can take from each fare.

For their part, Uber has responded, saying that it does care about its drivers. Uber says it shows how it cares for its drivers by offering free online college tuition and partial insurance protections, among other benefits. Other than in Los Angeles & San Diego, Uber & Lyft drivers are also protesting around America in cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Stamford, New York, Washington, Philidelphia, Boston and in some cities other countries.


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