Here's How You Can Help Couple Shot At Chula Vista Costco

Here's How You Can Help Couple Shot At Chula Vista Costco

The young couple gunned down in a Chula Vista Costco parking lot is still in the hospital. To refresh your memory, on June 17th, Sean Illian opened fire on his ex-girlfriend, Angelina Perez, as she and boyfriend Samuel Valdez were putting groceries into their car in the parking lot of the Costco store on Broadway. Illian eventually killed himself, but not before terrorizing his victims. Angelina was reportedly hit in her shoulder, stomach and leg. Samuel reportedly jumped in to protect Angelina and ended up getting shot as well. He was hit in several major organs, including his lung and pancreas. A bullet also reportedly bruised his heart, but stopped short of piercing it, thankfully.

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Angelina is said to be recovering well & was even able get up and walk around her hospital room on Thursday, but she was still connected to machines. Samuel, on the other hand, remains on a ventilator & is said to be clinging to life. The couple's newborn son was only five days old at the time of the shooting and was with them in a stroller. He was not hurt, thankfully.

Let's keep Angelina, Samuel and their son in our prayers. We can also help them financially. As you can imagine, trying to heal & recover from this horrific attack, the couple can't work. So their family is seeking donations to pay for medical expenses and to take care of the couple's newborn baby. They hope to raise $30,000. At the time of this blog post, they'd already raised almost $7,500. Click the link below to donate to their GoFundMe page...

Angelina and Sammy's Recovery Fund


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