This Bride Had 34 Bridesmaids In Her Wedding!

This Bride Had 34 Bridesmaids In Her Wedding!

How many bridesmaids is too many? Casme Carter, who got married to her husband Gary on a beach in Destin, Florida, had 34 bridesmaids at her wedding, and she says she needed every last one of them for the big day.

Casme tells Inside Edition,

I have so many women in my life who mean so much to me. Every woman was handpicked because they have blessed my life at one period of time. They all knew my desire for love and being loved by the right man.

Casme explained that she’s lived in several cities and states, including Atlanta, New Orleans and Nashville. She said aside from her six biological sisters, she met these women at various points in her life. And if 34 sounds like a lot, she actually wanted more...50!

It was actually a lovely wedding, 34 bridesmaids & all. Take a look at the Inside Edition video below...


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