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Mom Makes A Dress Out Of Her Husband's Shirt He Wore On A Very Special Day

The day your child is born is a very special day in your life.

This mama decided to get a little creative!

Carli Grant, decided to make her daughter Amelia a new dress. 

She found the plaid button-down shirt her husband wore the day their daughter was born and created a dress out of it for their 2-year-old.

When her husband came home to see his daughter wearing the shirt, he was overcome with emotion.

He said " I was totally blown away, I usually get home from work and play acoustic guitar to calm down from the day while Carli sews, but I never quite knew what she was up to,” he said. “One day, I got home, and Amelia gives me the biggest hug in her new dress.”

As soon as he saw the dress, he knew right away it was from his daughter's birth. 

The finished product was adorable! 

Carli now runs a website, Refashioned Memories where she asks visitors to send a sentimental shirt so she can refashion it into a memory!

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