Sansa & Daenerys Meet In New Game Of Thrones Season 8 Footage

HBO just released a trailer promoting their new series and seasons coming in 2019.

Of these shows... a new clip from season 8 of Game of Thrones is included!

In the short sneak peek, you see Sansa and Daenerys meet for the first time! They are in Winterfell, with Daenerys next to Jon Snow. So I guess they are a couple now? Eeek! We're excited!

HBO previously released a teaser for the new GOT season. In it we see the map of the Seven Kingdoms on Daenerys's Painted Table at Dragonstone. Frost slowly consumes Westeros as fire rises from the south, until the two clash, in what will probably be an epic battle.

The newest promo also shows clips from other HBO shows like, Euphoria and Big Little Lies. But GOT is the most anticipated... at least within the Valentine In The Morning crew it is!

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