Freya Ridings Joins Kevin Manno To Talk New Album, Performing And More!


Freya Ridings stopped by 1043MYfm to talk with Kevin Manno about performing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, dropping her debut album on May 31st and more!

Getting the opportunity to perform on James Corden's show the week of January 14th 2019  was a bit of a full circle moment for Freya, considering she'd previously met him as a child through her father's work in entertainment. She explained that Corden had been tweeting in support of her music for awhile, but was unaware she was the daughter of a former co-worker until they re-met in person!

This year is already gearing up to be a big one for the 'Lost Without You' singer. Her debut album 'Freya Ridings' drops worldwide on May 31st and she's got some United States performance dates lined up. 

Watch their full conversation above!

Valentine In The Morning

Valentine In The Morning

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