What Compliment Did Someone Pay You That Stuck With You Forever?


Today on Valentine In The Morning, we talked about the compliment someone gave us that stuck with us forever!

Here are some of Valentine's favorite text messages we got about compliments people received.

913: "A few years ago I was super skinny. I wanted to bulk up and weigh more. So I lifted a lot and ate a lot. After a while a coworker said "dang Sam you beenhitting the gym?" I was so ecstatic that someone had noticed my progress."


626: A couple I waited on paid for two semesters of school saying they never had kids and That i would have been a daughter they would have loved to have.

949: Random people over the past several years I''ve been told I have a great voice. I never really knew if it''s true- or what to do about it - but it''s nice to know people like the sound of my voice.

909: I work with a ton of doctors and I''m the girl in the room with 3 kids, no degree but running their multi million dollar companies. Of course you just never feel as important as them. However, one day one of the doctors looked at me right in front of my CEO and said "I''m just so impressed with your knowledge, dedication and ability to balance life". It meant the WORLD and changed my outlook on life.

909: This happened 2 nights ago in my natural science Liberal studies class. My favorite professor called me her "hero" for how I've dealt with the issues surrounding my healing ankle over the last year and a half. It warmed my heart.


951: My vice principal told me he wanted me on a committee because I know how to disagree offensively. I think he meant diplomatically, and it sticks with me because he was trying to sound smart.

951: A lady came up to me when I was 18 I'm now 49, and said I had honest eyes and that she knew I was a good person.

909: I'm a tutor and parent told me that the love I sparked in their child for math and science got them accepted to MIT.

661: In the same day earlier this week someone said my brown eyes looked beautiful and later that day someone else said whatever your doing keep doing it cause it's working!

Valentine In The Morning

Valentine In The Morning

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