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Katy Perry Stops By To Talk About "Small Talk," Orlando Bloom, and More!

Katy Perry hit the ground running with her new era of music in May when she released her single "Never Really Over." Well she knows how to keep her Katycats wanting more because she just released her brand new song "Small Talk" today (8/9)!

When it came to the entire process of the new song, the collaboration with Charlie Puth came about because they work at the same studio together. She appreciates Charlie's music, talent, and story telling so she told Charlie that she wanted to work with him. Katy said it was a blast in the studio because they are "both complete weirdos and get really excited about music and ideas."

She said the day she went into the studio and Charlie was beatboxing over a beat when she said "I have the perfect lyrics for this musical bed." Her lyrics were inspired by situations where at one point you have an intimate relationship with a person and then you turn into complete strangers and only hold a small talk conversation.

Both of her songs "Never Really Over" and "Small Talk" happen to have the theme of the ex, but Katy says it just happened to be in chronological order because she needed to get it out of her system. However, she says Katycats can still expect celebratory/love songs on the way! Katy Perry got engaged to Orlando Bloom back in February so we asked her if she's seen all of Orlando's "Lord of the Rings" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" films.

The good news is that she has, but it was a long time ago so she might be missing one or too. However, she does plan on doing a marathon as a pre-wedding night so she can say "THIS IS WHO I MARRIED!"

Katy is returning as a judge on American Idol for her third season and she always makes it a point to say what people are thinking. If she could make her dream team of former judges, she would love to be up there with Simon Cowell and Nicki Minaj because they are all honest. If you follow Katy on Instagram, one thing you can expect is more Potty Jams so get ready Katycats!

Katy also got her household closet organized by the famous Instagram account TheHomeEdit and oh how aesthetically pleasing it is!

She says the closet is still clean and her ideal weekend is just constantly cleaning and getting rid of stuff. Katy is also really honest when it comes to her "hoarding" problem by hilariously saying when you get successful, you change the word to "collector" even though you're still a hoarder.

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