K-Pop Group BTS Is Going On Hiatus And There's No Word On A Return!

The K-Pop group who's name you'd recognize everywhere may have won 4 Teen Choice Awards, but the BTS Army received some news this morning!

BTS is following in the footsteps of One Direction and is officially taking a break.

They officially went on hiatus after their concert yesterday in Seoul.

According to their tour schedule, they will perform in Saudi Arabia and South Korea in October, but there's no official word yet on if they'll return before that.

BTS managers say that it's the first time the band has taken time off since their debut in 2013.

Just like any group when you're working none stop, you just need to take a moment to recharge before getting back out there again.

BTS has released six album, six EP's and have going on five tours over the past six years.

How are you feeling BTS Army?

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