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Camila Cabello Talks World Of Romance, Falling In Love And More!

Camila Cabello really knows how to keep her Camilizers wanting more the second she started teasing new music was on the way. Then she really delivered by releasing not one, but two new songs "Liar" and Shameless" plus a music video for "Shameless" all in the same day. The second Valentine in the Morning heard "Liar" they couldn't help, but start dancing and just had to play it on the radio. Camila ended up hearing the song and called in to say thank you and talk more details about the World of Romance era, falling in love and so much more!

Love is such a special feeling and there's two types of people in this world...the one's that fall in love fast and for others it's a gradual process. Romance is the theme and name of Camila's upcoming album so when asked the type of lover she is, the answer may be surprising.

"I think it takes me a bit to fall in love with someone, but I think when I do...I fall really hard. I don't think I fall in love fast. I've always been a crushy type of person so i've had a lot of crushes, but i've only fallen in love twice. Having a crush and falling in love are totally different like with crushes you get over them. Whereas when you fall in love like really fall in's different."

When asked if she's currently in love right now, she said "yes for sure!"

When Camila announced "Welcome to the World of Romance," she released a visually gorgeous video on Instagram of her body opening up and showing her heart. While we all knew the theme would involve Camila's love life, what we didn't know was what this era meant to her specifically.

I'm just trying to put out the feeling of love into the world and I just feel like especially in 2019, people don't really talk about being in love. I feel like it's such a vulnerable thing to talk about. Everyone is trying to play it so cool and be so tough. I think romance is literally the anti that it's just kinda like being super emotional and being in love, crazy about another person, and vulnerable, and intensity. That's basically the world of romance. Allowing yourself to go there.

Besides listening to Camila's new music, you can expect to see her on your TVs real soon when she performs on Saturday Night Live for the first time on October 12th. She told Valentine that obviously this is such a big deal, but she's a fan of Stranger Things and David Harbuor is hosting the night she's on!

Don't forget to download and stream "Liar" and "Shameless" and keep in touch with MYfm on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook!

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