Andy Grammer Writes A Song On The Spot For A Fan In The Audience!

Andy Grammer kicked off his "Don't Give Up On Me" tour earlier this month and he's doing shows a little different this time around. He decided to introduce a new segment to the show called "Random Acts of Songness," which is all driven by fans. He'll write a song on the spot every night based off of the true stories from a fan in the audience right before he performs "Wish You Pain." The stories the fans share will be very vulnerable as they share something they went through or have gone through causing them to grow as a person.

Right before his show at The Wiltern, Andy stopped by to perform on our MYstage where he did the Random Acts of Songness segment for audience member Katie! She got really vulnerable by sharing her story with Andy about overcoming Anorexia:

"I was a gymnast for 5 years and there was a lot of emotional abuse with that and a lot of bullying. I was diagnosed with Anorexia, but I ended up recovering and I did a TED talk about it. I'm all about positivity and i'm a lot better now. Going through it, I learned that there's always going to be lows in life. You can't go through life not caring about what happens to because you only get one chance...I learned that life is so precious and you have to live every single day like it's your last."

Andy took Katie's story and brought up his opener Sean Hill, who is a spoken word poet to bring the song to life.

Valentine was moved when he heard Katie's story that he wanted to talk to her more in depth about her experience getting pulled up on stage by Andy Grammer, getting diagnosed and recovering from Anorexia. Katie explained to Val how she was really excited that she got pulled on stage to tell her story, but it wasn't until Andy started singing that she became emotional. Katie is only 15, but she has an outlook on life that is wise beyond her years. She constantly asks herself, "if I die today, would I be happy with who I am as a person?"

She says that her Anorexia began when she was in 8th grade going into her freshman year was when it was the worst. There was so much going on in her life at the time with bullying at gymnastics, in school, online, all while she was dealing with personal matters at home. After passing out twice, her parents forced Katy to get help and start going to therapy. She says,

"I'm still recovering and just like everybody else she has good days, bad days, good weeks, bad weeks, but it's just about learning how to live her life even with it."

You can hear Katie's full story in the interview below:

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