Why Don't We Talks Writing A New Song Every Month, Ed Sheeran, And More!

You always need a good boy band in your life over the years whether it's The Beatles, *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, or One Direction. Well the boy band that's taking the world by storm of this generation is Why Don't We, which consists of 5 guys named Jack, Corbyn, Zach, Jonah, and Daniel. While you may be familiar with their songs "Something Different," "Trust Fund Baby," or "8 Letters," they are cranking out new music for their fans because they wanted to release a new song every month for all of 2019. Kevin Manno talked to the guys about writing and releasing new music every month, dating apps, Ed Sheeran, and more!

Why Don't We has been releasing a new song every month for 2019 and while just thinking about the concept it seems challenging, the guys don't think so.

"It's not challenging because we write and produce so much that we could tell that we would be able do the 12 songs if we wanted to. We've been able to kind of show different sides of us whereas if we put out an album the whole thing would have to be sort of the same thing. However, with this we were able to kind of release different vibes.

The thing that they do find difficult about shooting the music videos is the challenging part.

"Doing a music video every month is not easy so that's why we wanted to focus more on "What Am I" and then release "Come To Brazil" and "I Still Do" for the music part."

Every song they've put out so far has been relatively different and they feel like they are able to do so by doing it like this and not putting out an album. They also like it because they can see what vibe is their fans' favorite!

Even though they're currently releasing one song at a time instead of a full album, they do plan on releasing a full album again too at some point. They said that they miss the albums and the cohesiveness of it. Ed Sheeran not only helped write their new song "What Am I," but he also did "Trust Fund Baby." Daniel said when he listened to Ed's newest collaborations album all he kept thinking about was that he wanted to make an album and he misses it. However, he thinks releasing new songs one by one is a good decision for them at the moment.

There was one month where they were scrambling because they waited until the last minute to figure out the artwork for their single "Big Plans." They said artwork is always the issue because they can never figure out what they want to do.

While they're still working on the song they're going to release in September and won't tell us any details on what that song will sound like. We did get a little bit of a tease that December will be a Christmas song.

Social media is such a huge part of everyone's life and we all know that we are somehow all addicted to our phones. Daniel has a strong opinion about this and was showing Kevin Manno how he puts a screen time lock on his phone so that instead of being on his phone for 10 hours a day, now he's on for 1 or 2. While there are mixed opinions on how important social media is by saying that it's not as important as people think it is, they do enjoy that fact that it's a hub for people to talk if they're normally not as talkative. They also think it's a place for people to stay in contact when asking for their instagram handle. There is one app that they do have on their phones will have fans running to download! If you happen to be on Tinder, don't be surprised if you see one of the guys on there because they do use it!

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