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Normani Talks Working With Rihanna, "Motivation," Her Fans, And More!

Normani is taking the world by storm by not only working with both Khalid on "Love Lies" and Sam Smith on "Dancing With A Stranger," but she always knows how to captivate an audience with every award show performance. She recently released her hit song "Motivation" that will instantly have you dancing and singing along.

Normani has caught the attention of Rihanna who asked her to perform at the Savage x Fenty fashion show that aired on Amazon Prime. Rihanna asked Normani to be part of the fashion show because she wanted it to highlight women who are powerful. Rihanna wanted to showcase Normani's beauty and power.

"Working with Rihanna was so magical. It was so funny because after my performance she came up to me and was like I don't know if I love you or hate you. It was a compliment and she was jumping out of her chair when I was in dress rehearsals. She was so excited, it was dope."

Rihanna has created an entire empire outside of music when she entered the beauty and fashion world. When you meet someone like Rihanna, you would probably feel all sorts of emotions, but Normani was just genuinely excited.

"It was exciting because Rihanna is someone i've looked up to for such a long time and somebody who I hope to follow in their footsteps. It was just really cool to be in the background of things and just kind of see just how she functions. Even her whole team, there's so many people involved and she has it down to perfection."

Normani already has plans to build her own empire that fans can be excited about.

"I want to have my own fragrance, get into fashion, get into the beauty space, and skincare."

She actually already started thinking of a name for a fragrance, but not too intensely. She jokingly threw out the idea of calling it "dressing," but it ended up kind of sounding like salad dressing. The one idea she did like though is calling it "undressing" because it sounds sexy.

Season 17 of The Voice premieres tonight (9/23) and Normani will be an advisor on Team Kelly Clarkson. Kelly announced it on Instagram by trying to recreate Normani's iconic dance move from her "Motivation" music video when she bounces a basketball offer knee and butt.

Kelly couldn't exactly nail the dance move, but it's the effort that counts right?

If you were wondering Normani was able to do the mind boggling dance move in one take and there was no CGI or splicing of shots involved.

"That was one take, but it took me many takes to get that point. The first time I did it, it did not look like that."

Normani says she loves seeing random things online like Jeff Goldblum dancing to "Motivation." She likes to go on social media to not only talk to fans, but also seeing their creativity when it comes to stanning her.

"My fans have been going in with these videos by doing choreography recreations or recreating my outfits that's really cool to see. It's really cool to see them put forth effort and energy to do something that they were inspired by and it's really really cool. The are actually really talented too even down to the makeup like recreating the makeup look that I had in the video, i'm just like wow. I'm impressed."

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