This Mom Was Shocked To Find Out The Dad Shaved Their Baby's Head!

There's a Hispanic tradition called afeitar al bebé where you shave your baby's head so that it grows back thicker and nicer. While many people choose to do this, this mom had agreed with her baby's father that they weren't going to do that. However, she was woken up with a surprise she was not expecting at all! Jasmin Aileen Valero asked her child's father to watch their baby so she can sleep in to catch up on her much needed sleep. When she woke up, their baby was wearing a towel with a hood while being filmed. It was when Jasmin took the baby's hood off when she found out the child's father shaved their daughter's head. You can hear the dad laughing as Jasmin is in complete shock. The cutest part is how their baby is completely unfazed and is just smiling. You can watch the hilarious video of Jasmin finding out below:

Valentine In The Morning

Valentine In The Morning

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