Thrifty Now Sells Their Cylindrical Ice Cream Scoopers!

It's no secret that Rite Aid has the best ice cream because it's Thrifty! Well you know those Thrifty exclusive cylindrical ice scoopers that you would be fascinated with because it gets the perfect giant scoop of ice cream?! Well you can officially own your very own Thrifty cylindrical ice cream scooper so you can enjoy the classic shape at home! Rite Aid is selling the scooper for $19.99 and if you're one of the lucky ones to find it in stores, you're going to want to hurry up and buy it immediately because it's selling out everywhere fast. If you can't find it at any Rite Aid location, you can still get one, but for quite the price on eBay! Some people are selling this hot commodity for up to $121.50!

Valentine In The Morning

Valentine In The Morning

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