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Selena Gomez Talks New Music, 13 Reasons Why, Shark Tank, And More!

Selena Gomez released her last album "Revival" in 2015 and while she's been featured on many tracks in the last few years, she's back with not one but two brand new songs. Both of Selena's new songs "Lose You To Love Me" and "Look At Her Now" are inspired by things that have happened in her life since releasing Revival years ago. She wanted the message of self-love to be very present and to let people feel hope knowing they'll come out the other side a stronger and better version of themselves.

"I wrote this song ["Lose You To Love Me"] over a year ago and it's wild to see how I feel now in a weird way. It's my story and my truth and I have every right to speak it. The song signifies a new chapter and it's an anthem that's so powerful for me regardless of what people think and that's the beauty of it. I've done collaborations over the years, but this is mine. This song is mine and it's me tying up this chapter in my life in the best way that I possibly could. Lose You To Love Me is the song that we're releasing, but Look At Her Now I released for my fans and I wanted them to have it to let them know I was okay. They've been with me through everything and that was my moment for them. It's what they deserve."

We all have our guilty pleasure TV shows and Selena's just happens to be Shark Tank. For her 27th birthday, her friends surprised her with not only a birthday message from the sharks, but she also got to go to a live taping. She was finally able to go to the live show taping and she called it a dream come true.

"It was such a cool experience, I thought I would only be there for like an hour, but everyone made it super comfortable and I ended up staying the whole day. I actually got to sit right behind the cameras so we got to see the action right there and it was so uncomfortable sometimes. I was just like oh gosh with all of the questions and everything. I just wanted to say i'm sorry, it's a really good's so good!"

Selena has taken the world by storm with her acting and singing career, but the place where it all started for her was hanging out with Barney, the big purple dinosaur. There was a recent news story that Get Out and Black Panther's Daniel Kaluuya is producing a live-action Barney movie with Mattel.

"I was a regular on Barney when I was little, but I didn't know they were making a movie. Why am I not in it?! I want a cameo in it or something. That's so cool, I had no idea. If they reached out, I would be interested."

Selena is a woman of many traits and when she's not singing or acting, you can find her behind the camera as a producer. She's the executive producer of the newest Netflix documentary "Living Undocumented," but she's also the executive producer with her mom on the hit show "13 Reasons Why." It was a big story in the news a few months ago that Netflix decided to cut out the the controversial suicide scene from the first season. While everyone has a different opinion, Selena gave her perspective on it:

"I definitely have my own opinions so I understand the situation and I never want to disrespect someone or hurt someone intentionally. That was definitely more of a surprise to me than anything else. I stand by what I was able to do with the show, but I understand and it's a really sensitive time and I respect that. When you're creating film or sharing something that emotional and intense, it exists and we're not the first to have done it, but when I'm attached to something there's a little more of that. More people are talking about it and I have to be aware of it."

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