The Donut Man Is Opening Up Their Second Location!

Glendora has been the home to The Donut Man and their delicious strawberry donuts for 50 years and they just announced they're opening up a second location. The Donut Man is opening up their second location at Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles. Don't worry because of course they are bringing their classic fruit filled donuts too! According to the Los Angeles Times, it's set to open in February 2020 on the Broadway side of the market in stall A-1.

The Donut Man's general manager Aaron Wearp told the LA Times the reason why they're finally ready to open a second location, "We have a big enough following and group of fans that we can’t produce what we would like to at one location. It’s impossible during our busiest times we’re running out of doughnuts." The Glendora location is currently open 24/7, but the new Grand Central location will be open daily from 7am to 10pm.

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